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December '16

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A&E DECEMBER 2016 • 23 number of projects that included applied wood appliqués. Made from finished or unfinished industry-provided wood sheets, the appliqués are typically both engraved and cut into shapes. They may include a logo, government seal, team mascot or a special quote. Shapes may be a circle, square, oval, or an animal or flower shape. Vector shape outlines are easy to create using the Corel- Draw boundary tool. Appliqués can also be made from acrylic sheet goods and even with sublimation and UV print. Another popular item I am asked to mount are coins. Coins are created for units of the military, police, fire and other organi- zations. I recently mounted a number of "Year of the Monkey" coins from Australia for a company on plaques recognizing par- ticipation in a special program. I have mounted coins both on the surface of a plaque and inset the coin flush or slightly proud (above the surface). Lasering engraving the inset is possible; however, the number of passes required and the chance of burning around the edges makes this impractical. The fastest and cleanest way to create an inset is with a drill press (table size drill press works well) and Forstner or spade drill bits. I prefer Forstner bits to control depth better and they stay sharp for a long time. I use a two-part epoxy on the coins as it holds them well. When completing a custom plaque project, besides adding up the cost of all the parts and perhaps making the plaque, your ALL IMAGES COURTESY BOB HAGEL Solid wood plaque with an inset coin mount. Cut plates including a backplate.

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