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24 • A&E DECEMBER 2016 other staff time is likely to be a significant factor. Your time is easy to undervalue and underestimate. Make sure you consider the following when pricing: • Added sales time • Layout design time • Designing and making templates • Cutting of plates and photos to size • Physical layout and attachment time CHALLENGES The most frequent challenge when creating custom plaques involves lead time. Although plaques can be quicker to complete than most other awards, they still take time. Rush orders produce stress, errors and production mistakes such as putting the plate on upside down or missing an entire sentence. Another issue comes with "rush orders" and the rush the customer is in. They, too, are likely to make mistakes, change their minds about the text, forget to include a date, etc. There is nothing worse than completing a layout of text and graphics and having the customer call you with changes just before or even after you engrave it. We make sure that a cus- tomer knows that once an order is placed with the text and graphics provided and approved, we may complete the job at any time, and that includes immediately. When does the clock start ticking on what is considered a rush order? Is it when the order is placed? I consider it a rush order when the information and graphics are received within so many hours (or days) of when the order needs to be com- [Above] This is a custom-built system that fits multiple plaques together on our client's wall. [At left] Custom-designed and built standing plaques with mounted old hotel room doorknobs, preserving history.

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