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December '16

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two variations in coatings have been offered side by side to create different graphic effects. NEW DEVELOPMENTS The glass sublimation process has become well accepted, trouble free and cost effective. A key goal over the last two years has been to create a sublimation glass coating that can reproduce vibrant color, effectively transmit light, and allow the image to be viewed from both the front and back of the glass item. Freestanding items look best when light transmis- sion through the coated glass is high while image-displayed color remains vivid. New hybrid frosted coatings provide that perfect balance. When creating glass awards, plaques, photos, or naments, cutting boards, plates, etc., natural and indoor backlighting adds an important element to each glass design. Laser Reproductions Inc. with its Award Glass and Condé Systems with its ColorLyte glass have recently met this chal- lenge and both offer excellent, innovative coated glass products. In addition, Condé recently exhibited a prototype ColorLyte acr ylic product that can be curved after heat pressing. It dis- plays the vibrant color reproduction of its new glass. With these new products, I feel that sublimation glass has reached its full potential. Laser Reproductions offers its unique Curved Award Glass in standard photo sizes. Freestanding curved glass offers a new dimension to photo display, particularly with action shots. It can be 3D vacuum heat pressed with excellent results. The com- pany offers a 3D vacuum press that provides reliable operation. Each press is modified and inspected in the U.S . before being shipped to a new customer. A well-built 3D vacuum heat press provides a revolutionar y solution for fully sublimating curved products using an air-forced vacuum oven that incorporates a thin replaceable silicon membrane pad. White-coated opaque-backed tiles remain ideal for mural, backsplash and f loor architectural applications. The white backing provides the strongest image color when there is no need for light to be transmitted through the tiles. Both tem- pered and untempered glass are available. Industr y-approved textured sublimation glass tile is available for f loor installa- tions. Glass tiles protect the graphic image from scratches, grease, cleaning supplies and graffiti, as images are transferred to the back of the tile. ✦ A&E DECEMBER 2016 • Glass & Crystal Report ✦ 35 Condé ColorLyte prototype photo acrylic on display. IMAGE COURTESY CONDÉ SYSTEMS

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