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December '16

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"When it comes to unique glass items, art glass has risen in popularity. It is contemporary art that offers a fresh new look that is both whimsical and classy. In addition, they are made even more unique due to hand-made production, resulting in no two pieces being exactly alike. For end users looking for something different, it is art glass they are turning to." —Mayra Barboza, Topmost "Even though the material is relatively fragile, it can still be used to make functional items, such as vases, candle holders, candy jars, dishes, desktop accessories, bookends, keychains, clocks, etc. Crystal and glass lend an elegant and high-end feel that cannot be replicated with any other material." —Jean Chen, Crystal by Design Question: What are the various decoration methods that can be used for glass and crystal awards? "(Most) items can be personalized by laser engraving or sand- carving. While sandcarving has a more time consuming process, it is what we recommend you use on our products for a long lasting, high-quality look that has deep cuts and sharp edges. It makes a logo stand out in a clear and recognizable way that a laser can't quite match, making the timely process well worth it." —Mayra Barboza, Topmost "The main decoration methods that our customers use… are laser engraving, (sandcarving), screen printing and dye sublima- tion. What type of decoration to use depends highly on what effect the client is going for and also what their budget is. We only offer (sandcarving). Even though the process is labor intensive, we believe that the end result is worth the extra work." —Jean Chen, Crystal by Design "Although we only offer sandcarving, crystal (items) can be laser engraved and/or UV printed if the surface is flat. UV printing is an easy way to add full-color on a flat surface." —Chung-In Park, CIP Creation Corp. "You can use gold-leaf on glass for a really rich, shiny effect. (You need to be familiar with the process.)" —Lori Mitchell, Glastar ✦ 48 ✦ Glass & Crystal Report • A&E DECEMBER 2016 IMAGE COURTESY SCOTT ERICKSON IMAGE COURTESY TOPMOST

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