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December '16

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54 • A&E DECEMBER 2016 ETCH MASTERS by Ruth Dobbins Back to this new unusual project that just recently appeared on our to do list. This project turns out to be collaboration, a fact that I quite enjoy. It is so easy to get stuck in a particular rut of doing things or doing only specific things, and so I wel- come other artists and crafters with their ideas for projects. Most of the time it turns out that the other person gets approached for a project and they can do part of it, but not all. At that moment, they, just like I have many times, do some research into who could possibly fulfill the other tasks to make a whole. THE BEGINNING I got the phone call from a glass blower in the Carolinas asking for help with a project that may very well turn into an ongoing donor wall/sculpture for a scien- tific company. This is not a company that makes any kind of scientific equipment, but rather a company having to do with the research into blood types and DNA determinations. I wondered what kind of donor items could be made for such a company. Well, Sam, the glass blower, said that he was actually blowing shapes that represent specific blood cells. RECEIVING GLASS BLANKS Sam said that he had received very spe- cific diagrams depicting the correct, scien- tific shapes of the blood cells to be made. These shapes are not hollow bodies, but are actually solid glass objects. They are roughly 4 inches in diameter and resemble almost a doughnut shape with the excep- tion of not having a hole in the center. Needless to say, the shapes are made from a deeply red glass with some swirls of slightly darker streaks. I received two of these shapes on a Monday morning with the request to have them back at the glass blowing studio two L ooks like our studio is going to finish out this year's articles with another special project in the house. Sometimes I wonder how these projects find us. Not that I am complaining, quite the opposite—I relish the variety that presents itself to us and therefore keeps boredom at bay. Everyone who knows me also knows how much I loathe repetition, even though I have done my share of projects involv- ing exactly that. What's Your Type? Blood Type, That Is A RATHER CURVY PROJECT ALL IMAGES COURTESY RUTH DOBBINS The finished prototype mounted on a piece of black stone.

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