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68 • A&E DECEMBER 2016 SUBLIMATION AND UV-LED FULL-COLOR SOLUTIONS of use. With a swing press, you are able to dress the press with shirts easily, and more importantly, the heat platen swings completely off the press, leaving you with a free and clear work area to set up your product and transfer to ensure a good pressing. These, just like the clam, have a downside in that they are a lot heavier than the clam presses and typically come at a higher price point. Some people do travel with these but it is more of a fixed table in a trailer kind of press. You aren't going to be transporting this around to shows and events and lifting them out of a trunk! LARGE-FORMAT SUBLIMATION The large-format presses are a little different than the small format, but not by a lot. There are also two dif- ferent styles of presses here that are used for sublima- tion: flat presses and roll presses. They are used in different scenarios that we will touch on. First, the flat presses come in a manual or air option and use a large pull-out drawer to place items for pressing. You pull the bottom platen out, place your items, and transfer. Once you are set, you slide it back in and pull the handle or activate the air com- ponent. The flat presses are pretty much a universal press that is popular among those just starting out in large-formation sublimation. They can be used for large photo panels as well as a variety of fabrics depending on the size of your press. You can get a few options with the flat presses, as well. You can get a twin shuttle version to where you can set up one side while the other is pressing, and a version with top and bottom heat, which will easily allow you to do two-sided products as there is heat on both sides rather than the standard top platen heat. The other option in the large-format world is a roll press. These are for pro- duction-type fabric scenarios to where you are pressing many items and need speed and quantity. Roll presses work in one of two ways: roll-to-roll or cut pieces. This DK20S allows you to swing the heat platen open and have a free space for setting up your product and transfer.

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