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A&E DECEMBER 2016 • 69 Sublimation Roll-to-roll means that you have a roll of printed transfer that you place on the press along with a roll of blank fabric. A heated drum simultaneously pulls the fabric and transfer in at the same time, pressing it as it goes through. Once the pressing is over, the used transfer paper and fabric get rolled up again. You now have a printed roll of fabric that you can cut your pieces from. Cut piece roll presses are roll presses that actually have a table on the front, and you lay the pre-cut fabric pieces on the transfer as it slowly pulls it through and heats it. It is almost as if someone is standing near the press and placing the pieces down like a large puzzle. Once the pieces are done pressing, they come out the other side and get placed with the other cut pieces of that jersey to be sewn together. MUG PRESSES Mug presses have been around a long time and they are still the same press everyone knows, with just a few changes. There is still the standard mug press, but now there are multi-function type mug presses, which have blankets that can be switched out that will press coffee mugs, shot glasses, latte mugs, beer steins and water bottles. These are useful because, whatever the drink- ware your customer wants, you can do as you'll have the machine that's able. CONCLUSION This was just a quick overview of the presses that are out there today. We hope this cleared up any confusion or even got you thinking about a different press or another way to push your busi- ness. As always, if you want detailed info on the presses or even size options, don't hesitate to contact your supplier and get your answers. Kevin Lumberg is a Sublimation Sales Spe- cialist and TJ Kvilhaug is a Large Format Sublimation Account Manager at Johnson Plastics. Visit Johnson Plastics on the web at For further information, Kevin can be reached at 800-869-7800 ext. 5737 or by email at TJ can be reached at 800-869-7836 or by email at The large-format presses come in either manual (pictured) or air versions and have a drawer that pulls out to set up on. They are nice universal machines that will do either fabric or hard products like aluminum. A&E

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