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Experience one of the busiest exhibits during the SEMA Show. In the center of the exhibit, the SCORE transporter, a huge stage, and a massive SCOREvision LED screen showing SCORE race videos, provided additional visual and audio experience to SEMA attendees. While impressive, attendees could also get a taste of Baja at the El Jimador Tequila Mike's Sky Ranch Eat and Meet area. This part of the Experience had a duplicate building of the main entrance to the popular Mike's Sky Ranch watering hole and resort located in central Baja California in the foothills of the San Pedro Martir mountains. Attendees could walk in, get a shot of El Jimador tequila, and enjoy authentic "street-style" tacos to get a real taste of Baja in Las Vegas. One of the highlights of the SCORE Baja 1000 Experience, 13. ACERS, FANS, AND THE MEDIA AWAITED THE RESULTS FROM THE DRAWING FOR STARTING POSITIONS IN VARIOUS CLASSES. 14. THE LOVELY MONSTER ENERGY GIRLS ALSO HAD A PRESENCE AT THE SCORE BAJA 1000 EXPERIENCE. 15. ATTENDEES COULD ALSO GET A TASTE OF BAJA FROM THE EL JIMADOR TEQUILA MIKE'S SKY RANCH EAT AND MEET AREA. was the press conference where the results of the drawing for starting positions in various classes were announced. The anticipation for the top starting positions for the SCORE Trophy Truck and Trophy Truck Spec classes, however, were determined on the off-road course at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. SJ 13 14 15 015 SCORE JOURNAL

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