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18 || P R I N T W E A R D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6 The feeling part of your message is defined by your tone and the courtesies you extend to the receiver. If the tone of the mes- sage doesn't match your intentions, it can undermine its purpose. Be unfailingly and genuinely polite. Do not allow your frustration of not being able to speak to the person directly spill over into your message. Compare and contrast the "body" of these voicemail messages: Poor: "My company is a respected decorator of corporate apparel. We specialize in golf shirts, button-down dress shirts, and outerwear. I'm calling to find out if you might be interested in learning more about us." Average: "When we met at a trade show a while back, you men- tioned that business was poor and it wasn't a good time to talk. I'm calling now to find out if you'd be interested in taking advantage of a special my company is having." Better: "When we spoke last month at THE NBM SHOW, you suggested I call you around now to schedule a time when we could "Good morning, Beth. (pause) This is Vince DiCecco from Your Personal Business Trainer in Atlanta. (pause) I can best be reached at (pause) area code 7-7-0 (pause) 3-2-9-5-1-0-7 (spoken clearly and deliberately). I am calling you today to. . . ." You may include the day, date, and time of your call if the other party's greeting requests it and if you think it would aid the receiver, if he or she is in a dif- ferent time zone, or if there's a time-sensitive aspect to your business together. The bottom line to voicemail effectiveness is to get your point across in 30 seconds or so and inspire the listener to call back. Any- thing more than that can dilute the impact of your message. The reason for your call should be stated early and concisely. If you want the receiver to know something, offer it up immediately. If you want the person to do something, give guidance in a clear and direct man- ner. When should they call back? What are their options for future meeting dates, times, and locations? Consider grouping all of the "do" items together. YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS TRAINER

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