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2 0 1 6 D E C E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 21 We opened the file and assessed the overall look of the design. There were sev- eral textured fonts along with design ele- ments that seemed to reflect the texturing as well. When there are textures present in screen printing, whether it is part of the font being used or texture being added, we must always consider the potential for either to fill in. If they aren't opened wide enough in the area, they are knocked out, or the density of the texture may be soft and will likely fill in as well. Most of the fonts had ample knockout to be effective, but where areas were quite small, some extra attention was paid. The font that already had a knocked out tex- ture, like in the "J" was opened up a little more than other areas. To do so, we made a selection of the font on its intended layer and modified the selection under the "Selection" menu. After making the selec- tion, we used "Modify" under the selec- tion menu and "Contract" for one pixel. Then, we inversed the selection and delet- ed it out to open up the negative space in the texture a bit more. We also noted that the "J" on the left was not crisp. We used "Threshold" in the Adjustment menu. This eliminated any unnecessary soft ar- eas along the edges. Since we're zoomed in Textured fonts presented an extra challenge during this job. The client wanted both a chest and a full-back graphic for the event's shirts. 800-654-4205 | The low price makes the Afford-A-Flash ™ the ideal dryer for any start-up. Compact, lightweight, and versatile, the Little Buddy ™ II is a great option for start-ups, small shops, short runs, and on-site jobs. Start-Up Essentials BBC_Printwear_Ad_third-page_Dec_16.indd 1 10/31/16 4:15 PM

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