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2 0 1 6 D E C E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 33 time doing, and what could make their jobs more efficient. This ground-level assessment, taken in total, will help you define neces- sary changes. If you haven't tuned your process in some time, you may find complicated, labor-intensive solutions put into place to cir- cumvent problems workers don't feel comfortable addressing. Ferret out the tasks that can be done away, automated, or delegated more appropriately. In your assessment, concentrate heavily on flow. From the way information moves from one stage of an order to another to how physical goods move from station to station, consider what could be done to eliminate excess travel. For the flow of an individual task, note the ergonomics of workstations, including the time it takes employees to locate, acquire, and replace the tools and sup- plies used most. ORGANIZATION, CLEANING, AND REPAIR Organizing and cleaning are classic downtime activities. That said, you can make it more than just busywork that keeps your employees on-staff during slowdowns. Organize each station, making sure materials are stored in a way that protects them and simplifies access. Make sure every machine, shelf, and table are clean and ready to receive garments. Every sur- face that a garment might touch whether on machines or in storage, must be dust-, oil-, and grease-free. If your shop floor is cluttered with unused equipment or dead stock, work to make a smooth path for garments to travel throughout each department. Change your layout to eliminate physical choke points and ease traffic. These little things may seem inconsequential, but they all contribute to reducing fatigue and garment spoilage. Check out Sample Spotlights at Because there's always a story… Partnering To Help Your Business Grow To have your company or product featured, call Matt Wieber at 800.669.0424 x280

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