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2 0 1 6 D E C E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 73 MANUAL SCREEN-PRINTING PRESS Anatol's Lightning is reportedly designed to fit budgets and spaces of all sizes. The print heads come with an adjustable guided spring tension system, and the press features a steel frame with roller bearings. Other features include three-point micro-registration, all-heads-down on all models, and a choice of back- or side-screen clamps. Available in four-, six-, and eight-color models. Visit: Call: 847-367-9760 LASER PRINTER KIT Imprintables Warehouse car- ries a package of startup equipment and supplies centered around the OKIData 711WT laser printer. In ad- dition to the printer, the package includes 100 sheets of 8.5" X 11" Forever Laser Light No-Cut paper, one pack of Kraft paper, and one 12" X 200' roll of gold foil effect. The printer software automatically places more white toner on light colors and less on dark colors. Also, the printer is a no-weed system and is capable of printing distressed designs. Visit: Call: 800-347-0068 APPLIQUÉ KIT Dalco Athletic offers its Learn Appliqué Kit, which comes with five types of appliqué products, a sew disk, and instructions on how to do each type of appliqué. The appliqués included are Pro Twill split-front script; Pro Twill vertical arch; Dal-Chenille letter/ball; precut numbers in Vin- Flex, ProFilm, and Pro Twill; a pre-spaced name; dye-sub appliqué with sew file; dye-sub appliqué with a heat seal adhesive; printed paper sam- ple for printing on 100 percent white polyester; and a dye-sub swatch color chart. The actual designs, colors, styles, and sizes of each kit may vary. Sew disks come in Melco or Tajima formats. Visit: Call: 800-288-3252 SCREEN-PRINTING STARTER PACK Starter Package 3 from Workhorse Products is reportedly designed for startup operations with a limited space and budget. It is centered around the Odyssey bench- top two-color/one-station manual screen-printing press, which can be set up on any sturdy work surface and can report- edly be used for onsite event decorating. The Luminator UV fluorescent exposure system is also a tabletop unit that can be placed on top of a drying cabinet. The Super Seca 16" X 16" flash-cure unit and the Odyssey compact conveyor dryer, CD205, are also included. The dryer measures 67" X 30". Visit: Call: 800-778-8779

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