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to clothing, while the bolsters provide better lateral support, while a sport bar covered in black anodized paint, provides anchor points dedicated to the six-point harnesses and spans from B-pillar to B-pillar. This was designed to provide maximum seat travel for a variety of drive ride heights. Knowing one can always expect the unexpected while driving in places like Baja, the engineers added an open upper glove box with elastic straps that hold a sturdy TRX-labeled bag with color matched tools. To provide drivers with all of the necessary information, a seven-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) display cluster features muddy tracks and TRX badge graphics. The same graphics fill the screen on an 8.4 Uconnect. In addition to the large screen, drivers can record their drive with a custom camera mount that is located at the rear-view mirror. One nice interior touch is the Nylon-strap door pulls embroidered with "Release." Another nice detail is the lack of carpeting. Knowing how dirty and dusty a real off-road performance truck can get, they opted for using black rubberized coating, along with back all-weather mats from Mopar to reduce foot slip when foot- to-pedal placement is crucial. It's easy to see that Ram took the creation of the Rebel TRX seriously. They didn't just add larger tires and a bigger engine. They learned what types of components and modifications are necessary to build a real high-speed off- road truck, and incorporated it into an existing platform that is completely "legit," but doesn't stray away too much from the truck's original design. While the Rebel TRX is only a concept, we certainly hope that it can someday become a reality..SJ 077 SCORE JOURNAL

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