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SCORE NEWS U.S. CONSULATE TIJUANA STANDS READY TO ASSIST AMERICAN TOURISTS IN BAJA CALIFORNIA SCORE International President and CEO Roger Norman, visited with U.S. Consulate officials in Mexico, to discuss ways in which U.S. racing teams and citizens visiting Mexico, can get emergency help from the U.S. Consulate. While many topics were discussed about the consulate having a presence during SCORE events, Norman and Consulate officials wanted to begin by giving advice on what to do in an emergency. According to the U.S. Consulate Tijuana, all U.S. citizens travelling overseas are encouraged to seek consular assistance in case of emergencies. If you are hospitalized, arrested, or if you or a loved one die overseas, the Consulate can assist you and your family in navigating Mexican government procedures. Generally, this assistance comes from a U.S. Embassy, but for larger countries like Mexico, the United States maintains a number of Consulates in various states to further assist its citizens. And for the avid fans of Baja Racing, the closest Consulate is in Tijuana. What Your Country (the Consulate) Can Do For You 1. If you are hospitalized: the Consulate will work with your family in the US and the Mexican hospital to arrange for a transfer to a U.S. hospital by ground or air (note however, that these are private services that the Consulate cannot pay for). 2. If you are arrested: the Consulate will talk to law enforcement about the nature of the charges and explain them to you and your designated family/ friends. We will also visit you in jail if you are going to be held for an extended period of time. 3. If you lose your Passport: the Consulate can issue an emergency, one-year validity passport, usually the same day if necessary . 4. While it is highly unlikely, sometimes Americans die while attending or participating in race events. In such cases, the Consulate can assist with the process of claiming and returning the remains to the U.S. What You Can Do For Your Country Our job – and our ability to quickly help you – is much easier if you are prepared. We have a lot of experience working with Mexican authorities such as hospitals or the police, but much of our job also involves reaching out to loved ones in the United States to advise them on making medical arrangements, posting bail, sending money, etc. In order to make this possible, we strongly encourage overseas travelers to provide current contact information with their travel registration. To register your trip abroad, and to read more about the benefits of registration, please visit the State Department's Travel website at Check Your Coverage! Before starting any foreign travel, be sure to verify that your health insurance covers overseas treatment. Too often, injuries or illnesses overseas can lead to life-altering medical bills that are not covered by the traveler's existing health insurance. Ask your provider about adding overseas coverage, or look into trip-specific policies from companies that specialize in travel insurance. Summary Register at https://step. before you go Review the Travel Warning and Country specific information for Mexico at https://travel. en/country/mexico.html If you need assistance, call the Consulate at (U.S.) 1-301-985- 8665, (Mexico) 664-977-2410, or afterhours at (US) 619-692-2154 Follow the Spectator Guide at http://score-international. com/raceinfo/safety-guide/ spectator-guide/ SJ 010 SCORE JOURNAL

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