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CHASE TEAMS AND PIT CREWS ARE THE BACKBONE OF THE SCORE BAJA RACING C hase teams and pit crews in desert racing events are often the first to arrive and the last to leave the course. They are mostly all volunteers, who refuel, repair, replace and generally get their team back on the course as the clock is ticking. It takes dedicated and trustworthy people to expose themselves to the scorching heat, or the bitter cold of the desert for what can amount to only a few seconds of actual action. What SCORE Journal learned about this exclusive group of enthusiasts, however, paints a bigger picture of who they are and why they do it. FUELED BY THE BAJA RACING SPIRIT While chase teams and pit crews might differ in untold ways, what they have in common is an unwavering allegiance to the spirit of racing. Win or lose, they are CHASING THE WIN MACCACHREN'S PIT CREW AT A FUEL STOP AT THIS YEAR'S BAJA 1000. HOURS OF WAITING FOR 30 SECONDS OF ORCHESTRATED CHAOS. BY STEPHEN ROMERO PHOTOS COURTESY OF MACCACHREN MOTORSPORTS AND DIMEL RACING 096 SCORE JOURNAL

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