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enthusiasts that rally around their team. Make no mistake, chase teams and pit crews are there to win. Dealing with the dangers and discomfort is simply the price they are willing to pay to savor a victory. Depending on the class they support, chase teams and pit crews can be massive with the latest in high-tech trucks and tools. On the opposite end, teams can also be as tight as a few good friends with limited supplies. Races like the SCORE Baja 1000, however, is no place for a "wannabe" or someone who thinks they like Baja racing. Races like these are a beast that takes no prisoners and it's where experience comes into play in order to survive it, enjoy it, and have overall success. SCORE Journal caught up with two different chase teams after the 2016 SCORE Baja 1000 for an inside look at their experiences and how they offer support. MACCACHREN MOTORSPORTS By now, everyone knows that Rob MacCachren has proven AMBER MALLOY AND ROB MACCACHREN SHARE THE DUTIES OF CREATING A COMPLETE PIT BOOK, WHICH IS COMMUNICATED TO EACH OF THE SUPPORT PERSONNEL BEFORE THE RACE. HERE'S A LOOK AT THE ACTUAL PIT BOOK MACCACHREN MOTORSPORTS USED IN THE 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000. MACCACHREN MOTORSPORTS COMPILES A LARGE PIT BOOK FROM MONTHS OF NOTES THAT ARE CAREFULLY ORGANIZED BY AMBER MALLOY. 097 SCORE JOURNAL

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