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January 2017

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IF LIVESTOCK EAT GENETICALLY MODIFIED GRAIN, WILL THERE BE GMOS IN MY MEAT? Almost all the food that we (or animals) eat contains DNA and proteins. The DNA and proteins found in food, GMO and non-GMO, are processed by the digestive system in our gastrointestinal tract. GMOs have never been detected in the milk, meat or eggs derived from animals fed GM feed. "Genetically engineered crops are digested by animals in the same way as conventional crops," says Alison Van Eenennaam, an extension specialist in animal genomics and biotechnology at the University of California-Davis. DO GMOS HAVE AN IMPACT ON ALLERGIES? If a person is allergic to a non-GMO plant, he or she will also be allergic to the plant's GMO counterpart. But GMOs do not introduce any new allergens. In fact, researchers, academics and companies are working on new GMOs that have the potential to help people in this area—for example, a team of Spanish scientists developed a gluten-free wheat that would be safe for people who suffer from celiac disease to enjoy. HAVE LONG-TERM HEALTH STUDIES BEEN CONDUCTED ON GMO CROPS? Long-term health studies have been conducted on GMOs. GM crops are repeatedly and extensively tested for consumer and environmental safety, and those tests are reviewed by the USDA, EPA and Food and Drug Administration, and similar organizations internationally. WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 23

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