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January '17

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 25 that can be cut every two inches and is available with clamp-on jumper connec- tors; and they can be used in both sign cabinets and channel letter applications. Principal L E D offer Qwik Tape, another flexible tape system that utilizes a patented micro-pop rivet system that eliminates the need for soldering end wires and between ends of two reels. Qwik Tape also comes in Prime (175 LM/ ft.) and Prime HD (350 LM.ft) versions on long 164 ft. rolls, reducing scrap and the end of rolls. Bitro Group makes a "Tracer" flexible LED tape that is die cut so that it can be easily shaped for circular cabinets, as well as low-profile channel letters. With the advent of smaller and smaller illuminated letters with shallower and shallower return depths, very specialized LEDs are needed to eliminate Hot spots. Add to this the trend for illuminated returns and your choices for illumination are slim (pun intended). Bitro's patented Tracer, as the name implies, traces the font offer- ing direct face illumination with no hot spots. This product is designed for a very specific application into custom-shaped fonts. On the other hand, if simple linear flat straight runs is the need, then tape LED is a more affordable solution. Side-Mounted Solutions In some cases cabinet or light box illumination is desired without the need for a baffle. While stick-based products often do the job, a number of manufac- turers—including Principal LED (Street Fighter POD), International Lighting Technologies (Light Edge Summit), and SloanLED (Poster Box series)—offer systems that can be mounted to the side (return) of the sign cabinet. The modules use a focusing optic that narrows the bean angle parallel to the sign face, allowing even illumination in a range of sign boxes. SloanLED Poster Box 3 is an excellent choice for lighting large, shallow fabric-faced light boxes and is 20" long and boasts an output of 1700 LM. Pre-Plan, Choose Right There is no question that the sign industry has undergone massive changes with the advent of LED technology over the past twenty years. There are a large number of LED options available today. Understanding the application, pre-plan- ning, and then choosing the right prod- uct can speed up installation, improve performance, save money, and make for a happy customer. SDG MANUFACTURING INNOVATION An innovative hybrid CNC cutting solution. Triple-head system, twin-knife and a heavy-duty router spindle. Delivering lightning fast cutting and overwhelming power to take on all graphics applications. FAST, FLEXIBLE & DIRECT CNC ROUTING SYSTEMS AXYZ.COM 800.361.3408 Light tapes are a new entrant into the sign market that can be a low cost alternative that is easy to install for indoor sign cabinets.

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