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January '17

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 29 Lightking Outdoor: Everything has changed, right down to the term EMC. The industry standard is now closer to an outdoor TV. LED signs have gone from single to three and now to trillions of colors. The pixel pitch, or tightness of LED clusters per module that makes up a display's resolution has also evolved greatly over the years. How do EMC digital displays play a role with branding and building impressions? Watchfire: An LED EMC sign is one of the most effective forms of adverting available today. The cost of each impres- sion is much less than TV, radio and yel- low pages. EMCs have gotten better and better resolution over the past few years. This evolution has made it possible to specify an EMC for basically any viewing distance, thus maximizing the value for the end user by making the sign readable in any application. Optec: In recent industry research, a remarkable 63 percent of people actually notice LED EMC displays. LED displays play a vital role in increasing end-user visibility and impression. Attention- grabbing messages that target a driver or shopper have an impact and pull cus- tomers into the venue. Optec's content creation and management teams work with our clients to maximize their display visuals and goals. What are some new things to be aware of with EMC manufacturing, uses of the EMC in the market, and with the soware or with cloud technology? Watchfire: Software has gotten better and better over the years, and it has also gone from the PC to the cloud like so many other things. Cloud soft- ware reduces the cost of installation and takes the handcuffs off the end user with respect to their host computer. EMC signs can now be controlled from almost any device like a laptop, a tablet, or even a smart phone. Internet-connected signs can be diagnosed by the manufacturer's tech support team to aid in problem res-

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