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30 • January 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE olution. This reduces costs for the end user as well as the installing and servicing sign company. Lightking Outdoor: The cloud is already being used to control networks of LED signs and especially billboards. We offer both cloud solutions and wire- less bridge solutions depending on whether the customer is controlling a network or just one sign. Can you share an example of an EMC sign that incorporates one of your EMC digital displays that builds impressions? Watchfire: The owner of Northcrest Shopping Center wanted to upgrade his aging plaza and project his center as being cutting edge and ahead of the curve for strip centers. Watchfire pro- duced a 20' x 16' message center to com- pletely replace the tenant panel portion of his tall pylon sign. Sweetwater Sound is located in a place along a highway that serves well as a gateway to the city where they are located. Being very community oriented, the owner built a massive sign that incor- porated a 15' x 27' high-resolution mes- sage center. It serves to advertise his business as well as to welcome visitors their city. The Lebowsky Center is a historic theater that replaced their outdated and ineffective manual marquee sign with a Watchfire message center. Being very com- munity oriented, the owner of Sweetwater Sound built a massive sign that incorporated a 15' x 27' high- resolution message center. It serves to advertise his business as well as to welcome visitors to their city. (Photo courtesy of Watchfire) The Lebowsky Center. (Photo courtesy of Watchfire)

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