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32 • January 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE All told, within a few months of install- ing their three-sided 17' x 35' LED EMC display sign, they have a stronger brand and more revenue. One well-done, well- placed LED sign has made a world of dif- ference. What do you see in the future for the LED or EMC sign? Watchfire: The future can bring anything. Just look at our hand-held computers. What is for certain is that resolutions will continue to get better, quality will continue to improve, costs will come down like they have for the entire history of our industry. Imagine an entire storefront in the future being all LED as an alternative to channel letters. I see the merging of a lot of separate industries and skill sets into a new breed of company that does more than just builds signs when it comes to branding. Companies will emerge that will work on every aspect of branding down to the look, design, color, placement, architecture, sig- nage, communication and evolution. Lightking Outdoor: I believe that the 400,000 highway billboards in the U.S. will go from 2 percent to mostly digital during our lifetimes. They have to do this in order for the Out of Home business to survive in the digital age. This transformation to Digital Out of Home will allow billboards with beacons to communicate ads directed at the average profile of drivers passing in front of the sign using information from their smart phones to decipher their demographics and profiles. Similarly, cities and counties will slowly relent and allow more LED signs since programmable advertising by time of day and target market will become essential for retailers to compete in the digital age. Static signs will be replaced, first on monument and pylon signs, code permitting, then on storefronts. These outdoor LED EMCs will then be integrated with indoor LED and LCD screens into a full digital retail solution that micro-targets each individual with the right product/service at the right time. SDG EMCs have had to be manufactured to withstand whatever mother nature can throw at it. (Photo courtesy of Lightking Outdoor)

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