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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 37 are looking for. At the end of the day, a customer wants less SKUs in the inven- tory," Compton says. LexJet also offers an aqueous product. It is a water-resistant satin cloth. It has a satin back and an inkjet-receptive coating on the matte side. This is good for stiff, hanging displays. Flame Resistence Fire resistance in printable fabrics has also become more important for the printers because their customers are demanding fire retardancy. That's in large part because these products are being used more and more in public venues that have fire codes, like trade show venues, shop- ping malls and retail stores. "We have expanded our fire-resistant testing as a result of the new environ- ments the fabrics are going into," he says. The majority of Top Value Fabrics' offerings are fire resistant because they are widely used in high-end retail environments and trade shows. Many of them are also EU REACH certified, which means they use a limited amount of chemicals to make sure they are safe for the environment. "We expect the U. S . to do some- thing similar. They have not yet," says Compton. "When you are R E AC H - certified, you are ahead of the game." Backlighting Top Value Fabrics also offers a prod- uct called Midnight Blockout, which has a dye sub fabric on the front and an acrylic base on the back. It works well for displays where the customer doesn't want light to pass through it. It is great for banner stands and roll up banner stands. "One of the biggest growth areas is backlit fabric," he says. Compton adds that, "we're going to continue to look at new fabrics and coat- ings that will improve the overall look of the fabric as well as what we offer to end users." SDG TVF's Lightbox Fabric Elite is versatile for use with frontlit or backlit SEG graphics and is specifically engineered for use with Direct or Transfer Dye Sublimation inks. (Photo courtesy of Top Value Fabrics) Retail graphics on TVF's new DigiPanorama. The fabric features a uniquely formulated coat- ing to enhance performance of graphics when printed with Latex inks. (Photo courtesy of Top Value Fabrics)

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