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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 43 Gradient Maps A gradient is a continuous blend of colors. Gradients can created and saved using the Gradient Editor (see Figure 7). A gradient map applies the colors of gra- dient to an image based on correspond- ing brightness values. In other words, light areas of the image are colored with the colors on the right side of the gradi- ent and dark areas are colored with colors on the left side of the gradient and every- thing else in between is colored with the corresponding position of the gradient— from left to right—dark to light. As you can see, this technique can rad- ically alter the color scheme and produce pretty wild effects as shown in Figure 8. The best way to apply this technique is with a Gradient Map adjustment layer. It's helpful to display the Swatches panel so that you can quickly choose colors. When you choose the Gradient Map icon from the Adjustments panel, the Properties panel is displayed. Click on the gradient ramp to display the Gradient Editor. Click on a house shaped color stop and choose a color from the Swatches panel. Repeat the process for additional colors of the gradient. As you do, your image changes on the fly to reflect the results. Radical, Never Boring I hope you find these color map- ping techniques useful and entertaining. Images don't have to always look bor- ingly real. The leaves on the trees don't always have to be green, the sky can be any color you choose. Color mapping techniques can radically modify the look of your image to be totally different and unique. I encourage you to experiment and play with different color combina- tions to achieve the perfect effect for your piece. SDG is technique can radically alter the color scheme and produce prey wild effects. EX-CEL Edge PVC Sheets from JAIN deliver visual impact Save time and money, and ensure images you print look their best. EX-CEL Edge PVC sheets from Jain Americas are: • Co-extruded in white/black, and white/black/ white, saving you time, and money – no need to ood coat • Designed to resemble a "framed" appearance, without a frame Learn more about Edge, and other EXCELlent PVC products from Jain. We're con dent you'll see how rewarding it is for you, and your customers, when you have the edge. You won't regret it. Printable on both sides, allowing you to reduce inventory levels 888.473.7539 • D O N ' T H A V E R E G R E T S , L I V E O N T H E E D G E !

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