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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 55 Ideally, the easiest way for most sign shops to dive into this business is by pur- chasing tactile ADA signs from an expe- rienced outside vendor—and possibly leaving some visual aspects of the signs for in-house production—until the shop becomes more comfortable and estab- lished in this market. Even if a shop decides to farm out the ADA fabrication side, they should still try to be somewhat schooled in the ADA sign federal guidelines as well as their own state's requirements. In many cases shops can supply their own artwork to ADA sign providers in order to have some control on the quality aspects of the job. So, if you still are on the fence when comes to outsourcing projects to an ADA wholesaler and still have some ques- tions, we spoke to a number of compa- nies that specifically address this market and polled them on some things to look for and consider when choosing an ADA wholesale signage company. Partnering Up "Sign shops usually have a lot of irons in the fire," says Derrick Anderson, owner at ADA Central Signs, Cairo, Nebraska. "Having to be fluent in ADA regulations isn't always the most cost effective use of sign shop staff time. Having a dependable outside resource to go to for ADA signage allows shops to retain or expand their cus- tomer base in a cost effective way." Anderson says that using a wholesale partner that has some flexibility is an important but underrated point. "End customers vary and so do their needs. A lot of wholesale companies won't do one or two signs anymore, so when the customer comes back two weeks after receiving their order with a couple of additional signs that they forgot to ask for; well, it can be a big hassle with some companies. Some clients have very specific sign types and designs in mind before they come in; some cus- tomers don't have any idea whatsoever Just because an ADA sign has a lot of size and shape restrictions doesn't' mean it has to be dull. (Image courtesy of CAB Signs) (Image courtesy of Howard Industries) recently expanded its line of room- number options to include various sign shapes and sizes to provide their distributors with more creative options. (Image courtesy of

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