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58 • January 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S SPECIALTY IMAGING DIGITAL GRAPHICS Other Things to Consider McMahon says that sign shops should look for a wholesale partner that offers a fully functioning website that shows a huge breadth of customizable prod- uct and colors with short lead times. "A signage partner should be well versed with ADA sign rules, and should offer an ADA compliance guarantee," he says. "In addition, the signage partner should offer an easy to use quoting system for large projects. Many quotes are complicated and hard to read. Our quoting system, SignSpec, is a world-class online quot- ing system where we customize each sign with your text and color options, and allow you to review and place your order online quickly and easily." He suggests looking for a company that offers a guarantee equal to the life of the building. "Not many companies offer this but we do. Having a 'Life-of- the-Building" guarantee provides the sign company the assurance that he is representing a high-quality product that has been engineered to look as good the day it is installed as the day it is taken down. A short lead time is another stra- tegic advantage for our customers. We ship 86 percent of our orders in 10 days or less. Most end users think we throw a bunch of plastic into a machine and it comes out shrink wrapped in an hour where the reality is so different. It takes a lot of machines, people and skilled hands combining to make the product." McMahon points out that there are many local customers who need a lot of handholding and installation services when it comes to ADA signage. "This plays right into the strong presence of the sign shop that has the capability to assist with placement, needed sign types and compliance strategies even though they might not actually manufacture the ADA sign product. The local sign shop owner can leverage our expertise to their advantage and make a lot of money with- out investing huge sums in ADA manu- facturing capabilities," he adds. Multiple Programs Available ADA signage wholesalers say there are multiple programs available for shops to choose from. Toji says that her company offers several unique programs that assist shops that just want to broker signs, as well as programs for creative designers with varying capabilities in fabrication. "First, we are one of the companies that can provide thermoformed tactile signs and sign components. These signs are the perfect answer for clients who are tired of replacing signs where characters and braille dots get picked off, "melt" away when gradually exposed to mois- ture, or are so carelessly manufactured that they literally fall off the signs. On top of that, they are very easy for people to read because it is simple to make rounded or domed Braille dots and beveled or rounded shapes on characters strokes. They are true one-piece signs that can- not delaminate or be taken apart." She points out that for the "blue and white" client or any client who just wants a very simple standard color combination of light and dark, they have an extensive choice of standard signs in their online catalog. They offer 11 standard color combinations, with a dark on light and light on dark choice for each. There are three standard typestyles as well, a choice of radius or square corners, and besides that, some size choices. "For the sign shop that has some capabilities—and particularly for one with an in-house designer—we have a really unique opportunity with our 'Pieces and Parts' modular system. It is particularly suited for any project with a large number of room number signs." Toji says the system has, as its base, seven different sign shapes to use for room numbers. "The designer can use the room num- ber shapes independently, or can pair them with backplates, decorative layers and insert pieces to create a completely unique system. In addition, the pieces can be backed with digital prints or back- painted with any color desired, although we do recommend adhering closely to requirements for dark/light contrast." Their company offers one more asset that no other wholesale company can boast, the consulting services of Sharon Toji—otherwise known as the ' ADA Sign Lady.' She says her sign shop clients in the field often call her to tap into her extensive knowledge of the history and intent of the ADA standards. "When you deal with ADA Sign Products, you have a unique 'buy one, get one free' oppor- tunity to get it right, the first time," she concludes. SDG In-house capabilities allow ADA wholesal- ers to combine various processes so they can offer unique products, such as this dimensional sign with printed elements. (Image courtesy of CAB Signs) The oval is a versatile shape that can be used in a variety of creative ways with other elements. (Image courtesy of ADA Sign Products)

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