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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 61 signage, donor boards, wayfinding signs, P.O.P. displays and more. They provide many possibilities for a sign to be seen easily by the viewer. "We provide a complete solution of caps and standoffs in different finishes and sizes for the majority of applica- tions," Paul Bernstein, vice president, Metomic Corporation. "Standoffs allow the sign company to add a tremendous visual appeal and perceived value to something that they have created for a relatively low additional cost to the cus- tomer. The dimensional effect added to the signage only serves to increase its vis- ibility and attractiveness to consumers." Standoff systems can come with a variety of elements including mounts, spacers, caps and barrels, wires and rods. "All our product lines are compatible with each other so the possibilities are endless," says Howard, asserting that Gyford is the originators of standoff products. "Gyford StandOff Systems also makes wire and rod gallery systems that our standoffs integrate into and a full line of extruded profile materials that may be drilled and tapped to except standoffs or can be used with custom nuts within the extrusion." Other features can also be included in a standoff system such as LED com- ponents. "LED-enhanced standoffs can also be fitted to light a sign up," says Jose Flores Jr, project manager, Erie Custom Signs. "It's all about the look the customer wants." Getting Started Knowing the customers' goals and what they want in a standoff sign is criti- cal to the design and install. "The first thing a sign shop should do is to clearly understand what their cus- tomer wants to achieve," Pountney says. "They should then design a solution that achieves the customer's objectives and has compelling visual impact. This can be done by using materials with different colors and textures and multi-layering or offsetting some of the panels." Steel standoff hardware is available in many sizes and finishes. (Image courtesy of Metomic Corporation) The air bridge at the Crown Casino and Entertainment Centre in Melbourne, Australia, fea- tures a series of elegant large-format images, each mounted using specially colored stand- offs. (Image courtesy of Pizazz Display Systems)

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