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62 • January 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL Pizazz has completed several projects for customers including one for Denver Water in which it expanded a picture- framing job into one using standoffs to enhance the design and create a visually impactful display. Sign makers should also keep the intended audience in mind when creating a standoff sign, reminds Howard. "We see many sign makers using standoffs to help create an interesting shape that will catch the attention of the target audience," he says. "For example, a beach theme restaurant could create a sign in the shape of a surfboard and have multi-tiered waves behind it. Using dif- ferent length standoffs for each level." Creating the design and installing the display are two critical steps in a stand- off system project. Both require precision and attention to detail. "Both the designer and the installer should pay careful consideration to both the dimensions and the weight of the sign," says Bernstein. "Make sure that you are using the proper diameter hard- ware in relation to the size of the media, and the proper quantity." Installation Specific to the install, users will want to make sure the hardware and display is affixed to the wall properly and securely. "As for installation, it depends on how the customer wants to adhere them to the wall," says Flores. "We offer two options: a traditional mount where the sign will be screwed into the wall, this of course leaves holes in the wall if the sign is ever moved. We also offer a 'faux' mount, this is where we attach the standoffs to the sign and we apply tape on the back of the sign for mounting, this gives the customer the option to remove the sign without wor- rying about holes in their wall." Howard explains that the hardware configuration is intended to be put in place easily and left alone without any worry. He says, "this type of hardware is really meant to set-and-forget. The important thing is to set up the instal- lation correctly from the start, making Standoffs can lend ADA signage a touch of class and added dimensionality. This example also uses LED lighting for a unique effect. (Image courtesy of Erie Custom Sign) Sturdy steel standoffs from Gyford were used to mount glass and make a table from a tractor hood. Created by MGSI, Ltd. (Image courtesy of Gyford StandOff Systems)

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