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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 65 environment will dictate which elements should be used. "Our most common standoffs are alu- minum or stainless steel," says Howard. "Installers like stainless steel for outdoor uses, however we also can powder coat the aluminum versions to help protect them from the elements (because) if alu- minum standoffs are installed in direct sunlight, over time the anodization will start to discolor." Pountney warns against using spe- cific materials outdoors. He says, "Many customers assume that stainless steel standoffs can be used outdoors. What they do not understand is that stainless steel is made in a variety of grades and the low-end grades, which are easiest to machine, have very poor resistance to rust. Customers need to make sure—if they are using stainless steel standoffs in outdoor applications—that they are up for the task." He recommends using standoffs made from marine grade (316) stainless steel. Another popular option is acrylics when it comes to standoff installation. "We use a lot of acrylics and some alu- minum," Flores says. "We do some with an aluminum backer and an acrylic face, the standoffs are standard aluminum. For ADA we typically use frosted acrylic to ensure ADA compliance. Also for hotels and busy traffic areas we recommend thicker material for the face that will standoff to help prevent cracking." Caring for the System Once a standoff system is designed, fabricated and installed, it's important that the user keep it current and in good working order. This is especially important when the user wants to make a change or add other sign elements. "Our system is easily modified and re-usable through careful installation and just as careful dismantling," says Bernstein. "The caps are easily removed for a change in media." In most cases, manufacturers will offer replacement parts and hardware elements through their customer service departments. Users can easily swap out VISIT stando CALL 775.829.7272 Sign DG Magazine third page 4.625 x 4.875 170101.indd 1 12/5/16 11:58 AM In Print... Online... Person ...the complete package

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