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January '17

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 67 ers that used a different brand and ulti- mately had to replace the hardware for their entire install due to the parts not working together or finishing issues even within the same batch of parts." Pountney is proud of Pizazz's all-in- one solution. He points out that "each part of a Pizazz standoff is made as one solid piece and has structural integrity. By comparison some standoff suppliers sell their standoffs in bits. The caps, bar- rels and lengths of threaded rod are sup- plied separately and customers have to spend time assembling them. They run the risk of having insecure joints come loose, and the consequences of that." Overall, it's hard to argue with the value of a quality standoff system. The uncomplicated design and straight-for- ward installation process allows users to include visually attractive elements to a display at an affordable cost. Consider, also, the fact that standoffs can easily be changed and fit to work with signs in several different applications. This is a powerful addition to many types of dis- plays, and a valuable asset in the signage industry. SDG This elegant image uses several raised sections mounted with standoffs to make it an elegant retail display. (Image courtesy of Gyford StandOff Systems) This unique room number sign employs standoffs along with metal, acrylic and wood elements for a truly unique pre- sentation. (Image courtesy of Metomic Corporation) ® multi • mounts Patented St andof f Sys tem change your graphics easily • quickly • safely 5 sizes, 21 colors in Aluminum, Brass, Hybrid and Resin ® mono • mounts Innov ati ve St andof f Sys tem mount your panels easily • quickly • securely 5 sizes, 21 colors in Aluminum, Brass, Hybrid and Resin

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