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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 73 California-based 21C Graphics introduces, for the first time ever in the United States, the Vehicle Art Robo. Geared toward graphics installers that serve the transportation industry, the Vehicle Art Robo (VAR) has been in use in Japan for some 20 years but only debuted in the U.S. in September. The VAR is a printing system that will change the way you think about wrapping a vehicle. It eliminates the need to print and laminate a substrate that must then be applied to a vehicle. The VAR prints directly on to the vehicle, dramatically reducing labor costs and installation time compared to traditional graphics application methods. The unit consists of a frame, a three- axis printhead and a control station. Imagine a large-scale inkjet printer turned onto its side. Optimized for printing onto larger vehicles, such as vans, box trucks and semi trailers, the VAR's printhead follows the surface of the vehicle to apply rich, vibrant, full-color graphics directly to the vehicle's factory finish, including on to minor curves and body details. It takes only one operator to use, meaning a significant savings in labor costs that will add up quickly over time. The machine takes any high-definition image, edited using Photoshop or Illustrator and, saved as a .tif file, prints that image onto any large vertical surface. The graphics are resistant to UV fading, regular vehicle washing, and everyday road grime, salt and pollution. The cost per square foot is a fraction of the cost of traditional vinyl printing and application. 21C Graphics is the exclusive U.S. dealer for the Vehicle Art Robo, which is manufactured in Japan and built to order. Delivery time is about six to eight weeks. 21C Graphics is using this machine at its Northern California headquarters to apply custom graphics to buses, motor homes, RV's, trailers, cars, trucks, and semi- trailers. The company is also using the system to create custom signage for any event, business or advertisement. You could turn ownership of a VAR into an additional revenue stream for your shop by not only applying your own fleet graphics, but by also applying graphics for others. To view a video of the VAR in action or for more information, visit or call 707-333-0393. INTRODUCING A COST-EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO WRAPPING FLEET VEHICLES Paid Advertorial 21C GRAPHICS INTRODUCES THE VEHICLE ART ROBO "We, Car Body Print Co., purchased a printer called Vehicle Art Robo, manufactured by LAC Corp., and have operated it for two years and three months. We printed 180 trucks without any troubles for this period of time and the printer has been operated smoothly until now." — Mr. Nobuhiko Aihara, Car Body Print Co. in Japan.

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