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January '17

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 75 and rather light weight pan brake could do the job on the short sides since the red .040 aluminum was easy to bend. We bought our 16 gauge by 10' Tennsmith sheet metal brake well used, but it does come in handy for jobs like this and will bend up to .080 aluminum without any trouble. Making hollow dimensional signs of pre-finished aluminum sheet metal is easy and doesn't add that much labor. The depth or thickness of the signs can be from ½" to 2½", which easily adds dimension with minimal extra material cost and a little extra labor. The main parts of the signs were hollow sheet metal panels, of pre-finished red .040 alumi- num formed 1 ½" thick on sheet metal brakes. After forming the long sides on a typical 10ft brake, the short sides were formed to complete the "pans" on our light duty 48" finger or "pan" brake. The letters were dimensional and made cut from a shop-made composite of aluminum laminate and ½" thick PVC sheet. Solid coverage of normal banner tape was the adhesive used which held up against the pressures of being cut on a waterjet. The edges of the letters were painted gloss white to match the top surface and hide the lami- nate seam.

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