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76 • January 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S MASTER'S TOUCH A raised 2½" thick center piece in the shape of an oval was fabricated from .080 aluminum, tack-welded from behind, and notched out to fit over the sign panels. This dimensional oval unit included a raised gold border of 1/4" thick alu- minum that was powder coated gold to match the stars. It was drilled and tapped on its back, and secured from behind using short studs, nuts and washers. If we did not have a way to weld alu- minum, the raised border would have served to hide the screws or rivets that would have held the edges of the oval to the oval face, so aluminum welding was not really essential in this case. The bor- der could be used to easily hide a rivets or counter-sunk machine screws. An eagle head graphic was printed, laminated and applied to the oval which had been powder coated the same "Bengal Blue" as the flat background parts of the sign. "Bengal Blue" is an attractive medium blue that is found on the Tiger-Drylac "Essentials" color chart of exterior polyester powders. The letters and 3 D stars were secured to our raised red panels in the shop, but the rest of the sign was assembled in the field. None of it was heavy, and, at the shop, clips were put in place on the blue To raise the letters even more away from the sign surface, small blocks of ¼" pvc were glued to the letter backs. This also gave more depth to run screws into for mounting. Regular plumber's PVC glue was used to bond the spacer blocks to the letter backs. The letters were tem- porarily mounted with double-sided tape, but then the sign panels were turned over and the letters secured from behind with ½" long hex head sheet metal screws. Two dimensional stars were incorporated in the design, and made from sheet metal (.063) mill finish aluminum star points formed on a brake, the bending was checked for accuracy with protractor tool.

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