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January '17

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78 • January 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S MASTER'S TOUCH background pieces that the red raised panels would fit over and attach to. The whole sign had almost no exposed fasten- ers, as many of the parts were attached from behind, and raised panels were secured along their edges only. One thing I did not consider was that the sign was going under a little over- hang and there would be little room for getting a screw gun or even small screw driver in between the overhang and the oval center section which fit pretty close in our working space. So the location of some of the clips were repositioned in the field so I could insert self-drilling screws through the edges of the raised panels and into the pre-installed clips attached to the flat background panels. So much of this sign job was assem- bled in the shop, the actual in-the-field install was went pretty fast, the only hang-ups were having to move a few of the clips or brackets already mentioned. We were lucky too that this particular metal roof had a very shallow pitch and the material was not a slick as some we've encountered. Some of the newer metal roof materials have a "Teflon-like" sur- A raised oval section with its own raised border was fabricated for the focal point of the sign. The gold oval border of ¼" thick aluminum was drilled and tapped, and small studs with nuts and washers were used to secure it blindly from behind. The only digital printing element was the eagle head graphic which was mounted in the oval center panel. Mounting tabs of small alumi- num angle were strategically placed for the raised panels and fabricated oval to be screwed to, fas- teners used on the edges of the panels only.

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