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MASTER'S TOUCH 82 • January 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S The Original Signage The storefront signage consisted of two signs. The first sign read COSSETTA and measured 30" x 37'. The second sign read: ITALIANO GENERE ALIMENTARI and measured 30" x 23'. Both signs were created using half-inch MDO plywood. "One of the most interesting parts of this entire endeavor was that at the time neither Dave nor I had any idea that the original signs would last 28 years—brav- ing the hot summer sun and Minnesota's harsh winter weather. The area typically presents temperatures ranging anywhere from -25 to +100 degrees," he adds. The original signs and letters were hand designed and crafted by Hueg. The raised 24" and 17" letters for COSSETTA were formed from American Basswood using a hand-held router with a 3" cove bit, rasps and files. They were then sanded, primed and painted before the slow oil size and 23K XX loose gold leaf was applied. The background of the signs was black smaltz—a crushed-coal mate- rial that was applied with a very large pepper shaker. Encompassing the entire sign was a custom-made molding with gold paint applied. Completing the Cossetta sign were two descriptive panels on the left and right ends. These hand-lettered signs were gilded in 23 K XX patent leaf and read: DELICATESSEN and PIZZERIA, and IMPORTED ITALIAN FOODS. "A sign of this type was used in the mid to late 1800s simply because these signs lasted a very long time. The big- gest reason for this was that 23K gold leaf doesn't tarnish and the smalt background would never fade. The look and design of these signs for Cossetta was first and foremost, but the materials used pro- vided us the longevity." Hueg explains. Hueg contacted Mitch DeMars of Crosstown Sign Co., located just north of St. Paul, to install the new signs. Hueg and DeMars had been working together for several years on these types of signs, and each knew what was required for a solid installation and necessary to com- plete the look for this project. Cutting out letter from 1.5" SignFoam 4 with jig saw. Shaping the letters. Two coats of primer are applied.

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