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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 87 GALVANIZED METAL BONDING AGENT ITW Polymers Adhesives North America, Danvers, Massachusetts, introduces Plexus Galvanized Bonder Adhesives, specially formulated with no inhi- bition to zinc to bond hot-dip G60, G90, and most other galvanized metals. Ideal for bond- ing dissimilar substrates, these low-VOC 1:1 ratio methacrylate adhesives require no primers and little or no surface prepa- ration, and cure rapidly at room temperature. Once cured, they exhibit supe- rior strength; toughness; sheer, peel, and impact resistance; and fatigue endurance. Galvanized Bonder Adhesives eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners, simplifying and speeding indus- trial and transportation assembly. These new adhesives expand the Plexus line to include structural adhesives that bond galva- nized metals, as well as plastics, composites, steel, and alumi- num. Plexus MA8110 Adhesive is designed primarily for bonding galvanized metals including G60 and G90, but can be used on other metals. Plexus MA8120 Galvanized Bonder Adhesives are formulated for bonding hot-dip and electrogalvanized steel to non-galvanized metals, engineered plastics, and composites. For more information, visit HANGING SIGNAGE Tex Visions, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, introduces Ceiling Danglers. Ceiling Danglers are simple, easy-to-set-up dis- plays that instantly accentuate any ceil- ing. Your client can choose from small, medium and large frame sizes, which accommodate numerous print sizes. The small and medium sets are equipped with hanging hardware that easily attaches to 1.0" drop ceiling grids, and a hook to attach to pipes or truss bars, while the large frame set comes with drop ceiling attachment and 4' metal chain to hold larger prints. All frames are made of lightweight, highly-durable polypropylene plastic, and the hardware can be used time and time again so prints can be switched when needs change. For more informa- tion, visit RETROFIT LEDS Principal LED, San Angelo, Texas, introduces the Tap Out Stik. The Tap Out Stik knocks out what sign companies have come to expect for retrofit prices, without sacri- ficing lumen output or weather durability. The Tap Out Stik is a budget friendly product, assembled in the U.S.A., offering an easy retrofit for T-12 lamp lengths from 18"-120". The Tap Out Stik includes Principal LED's easy install technology which allows you to mount your LED Stiks using existing T-12 sockets as bases or brackets for new construction. To make sign retrofitting even easier, the Tap Out Stik includes six-foot wire whips pre-assembled. This allows the sign maker to install and wire the sign even more quickly than before, sav- ing valuable time. The Tap Out Stik offers a 160˚ Low Dome, Batwing Optic, IP67 weather protection, and 2000 lumen out- put for a double-sided T-12 42" equivalent (10.56 watts). The Tap Out Stik also comes with a five-year product and five-year limited labor warranty when used as a PLED system. For more information, visit ELECTRIC PAPER SIGNS Visix, Norcross, Georgia, introduces its second-generation electronic paper signs (EPS). They are brighter and easier to read, even in low-light areas. Paper-White EPS signs use E-Ink technology for a bright display background with low reflectivity and high readabil- ity, and allow for both black and red colors on-screen. These signs are an economical way to display dynamic room schedules outside meetings rooms and shared spaces. They're also a great option for office hoteling. EPS signs are wire- less, battery-powered and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Calendar changes are delivered throughout the day without any user intervention, so you no longer have to manage outdated paper schedules. And you can design custom faceplates to match your brand and décor, with virtually unlimited options for shapes, finishes and colors. The signs are updated wirelessly via RF communication designed to minimize battery usage. A sign's batteries are only activated when information changes, so batteries to last up to three years or 10,000 updates. For more information, visit See our ad on the IFC

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