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88 • January 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Product Review LABEL RIP Wasatch Computer Technology, Salt Lake City, Utah, introduces SoftRIP Version 7.4. A new SoftRIP Label Edition, leading-edge workflow auto- mation, and queue enhancements are included in the latest release. This progressive release supports complex, fast-paced environments with our Automation Option and the growing digital label market with our simple-to-use Label Edition. The Wasatch Automation Option enables your print production to scale from one printer to a fleet of hundreds. It is flexible enough to create automation workflows for a single RIP running one printer, or for a pool of printers on a small local area network, or for distributed produc- tion on the Internet. For more information, visit www.wasatch. com/softrip74.html. PHOTO IMPACT PRINTER Roland DGA Corporation, Irvine, California, launches its new photo impact printer, the METAZA MPX-95, as well as an optional Gift Kit, for personalizing metal- lic and plastic items with photos, logos, names, messages and other decorations. With its diamond stylus and powerful impact force, the MPX-95 can imprint on metals such as stain- less steel, iron, titanium, platinum, gold, silver, copper, nickel and alumi- num, as well as plastics, quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. Possibilities include personalized pens, smart devices, jewelry and pendants, trophies and awards, watches and belt buckles. Incorporating a removable base table and plate, the MPX-95 is capable of working with larger items like golf club heads, vases and tumblers. It comes standard with METAZA Studio software and a built-in laser pointer that assists in iden- tifying the area to be marked, making it easy for users to imprint items without any special training. The Gift Kit includes a fully-adjustable center vise with clamp pins that holds irregular- shaped items for repeat personalization, plus a standard center vise that enables imprinting onto different items in quick suc- cession. For more information, visit See our ad on page 1 FLATBED SCANNER Paradigm Imaging Group, Costa Mesa, California, announces the release of a new and improved wide-format flatbed scan- ner by Kurabo. Kurabo currently offers the K-IS-A1FW 24" x 36" flatbed scanner with a 400 dpi opti- cal resolution with an 800 dpi max. The lat- est K-IS-A1FW PLUS model has an 800 dpi optical resolu- tion with a 1600 dpi max. Resolution is adjustable by 1 dpi increments within the range from 50 dpi to 1600 dpi. In addi- tion, it is equipped with the latest Dual White LED system for forward and backward scanning directions. It can control light intensity individually, therefore the scanner can emphasize a shadow of textured images providing a 3D effect. Now with improved scan speed, the Kurabo K-IS-A1FW PLUS scanner can scan a 24"x36" color document in 17.5 seconds in 400 dpi/ standard-speed mode. The scan head returns to its home posi- tion in 4.5 seconds. Gigabit (1000 base-TX) Ethernet interface connects with PCs including Windows 7/8/10. The scanner has a built-in counter for the number of documents scanned. For more information, visit BANNER HEM TAPE Essentra Specialty Tapes, Forest Park, Illinois, a leading adhesive tape supplier, enters the banner and sign market with its high-per- formance Duraco BHT Banner Hem Tape. Essentra adds the unique and innovative double-sided Duraco BHT to its adhesive tape product offerings as a high perfor- mance, durable and weather resistant hem tape. Duraco BHT Banner Hem Tape is a perfect adhesive tape for seaming and finishing edges of vinyl, mesh or fabric signs and banners. Moreover, Duraco BHT eliminates the need and added cost for stitching or welding. It is available in three different widths: 1, 1½ and 2 inch widths. With the continued expansion into new adhesive tape markets, Essentra identi- fied the need for a high-performance banner hem tape that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor banners. Additionally, the unique construction is ideal for pole banners as it supplies extra strength during high winds. Duraco BHT uses an inno- vative adhesive tape and carrier technology which exhibits superior performance compared to competitors; it delivers a smooth hem, allowing for clean corners and easy grommet application. For more information and free samples, visit www.

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