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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2017 • 89 FRONT SERVICABLE DISPLAY NanoLumens, Atlanta, Georgia, introduces the world's first 100 percent front installable and front serviceable 1.25MM Pixel Pitch LED display, featuring new "touch-free" technology that was developed specifically for a United States military command and control center. Designed to be easily installed in any display environment without requir- ing changes to an existing location or infrastructure, the new NanoLumens 1.25MM pixel pitch display features precise alignment technology and an updated system layout that supports an exact 1920 RBG pixel wide by 1080 RGB pixel tall, final display of any resolution in 384 X 360 increments. The display allows for "direct to wall mounting" at a depth of less than four-inches and comes with a decorative back for optional hanging applications. Easily front serviceable thanks to NanoLumens' patented magnetic Nixel attachment methods and perpendicular removal, the display also incorporates NanoLumens' new patent pending NanoZ technology that assures exact alignment in the Z axis for all Nixels. For more information, visit PRINT WRAP FILM 3M, St. Paul, Minnesota, announces the launch of 3M Print Wrap Film IJ180mC-10. Featuring the many high-quality benefits of ComplyT Adhesive with micro technology, these 3M IJ180mC films will accelerate installation and provide even more design options, making them the ideal solu- tion for any application including vehicles, boats, walls and more. 3M Print Wrap Film IJ180mC-10 provides customers with a go-to film that covers all the bases of application needs. With advanced slideability and initial tack optimized for wraps, installers will be able to move the film ef- fortlessly across any application surface and expertly reposition the product to the perfect location after first contact. Along with improved liner release and the ability to stretch 130 percent without primer, IJ180mC-10 also provides a non-visible comply pattern to ensure a smooth, bubble-free finish to a completed wrap. For more information, visit OPTICALLY CLEAR FILM Mactac, Stow, Ohio has enhanced its optically clear, industry- leading PERMACOLOR PermaTrans product. The new and improved PERMACOLOR PermaTrans (PUV2100) second-surface mounting film features a highly advanced, super- clear pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) that delivers faster, more complete adhesive wet-out, and eliminates silver- ing – even over UV inkjet prints. Similar to Mactac's original PermaTrans, the new PermaTrans, PUV2100, is a thin, super-clear polyester film coated on both sides with a super-clear acrylic PSA. A clear polyester release liner protects each side, permitting complete visual inspection of the product, easy liner removal and a distortion-free adhesive surface. For more information, visit DISPLAY MOUNTS Premier Mounts, Atlanta, introduces UMB series mounts, a unique, first-of-its kind design that relies on unistrut hardware that is commercially available at most home improvement stores. This technology, along with less compo- nents, enables a fast, hassle-free installation process and a number of configuration options. The UMB is a "no assembly required" system where, out of the box, brackets hang on the panels, and then on the unistrut provided by the user or integrator. The rapid install is remarkable - UMB beats all the com- petition in speed, which is critical when installations are at locations that operate 24/7 and cannot shut their store down for any length of time. Installation safely secures digital signage in place. Rigorous testing guarantees safety and superior performance, so UMB series mounts will never fail when correctly installed. For more information, visit TRACKING SOFTWARE Caldera, Strasbourg, France, announces the launch of a cloud- based, software-as-a-service package that will enable users to track production and create custom workflows to streamline their print production pro- cess. Caldera StreamLive is a standalone, subscription-based program with a variety of op- tions and features full con- nectivity with RIP and other software while allowing for the automation of various tasks. Designed for ease of use, Caldera StreamLive operates on a simple 'Create – Track – Automate' principle. Print houses can use StreamLive to map their ideal production method to a software workflow that keeps track of jobs in real time. Regular and time-consuming tasks can be automated, while interoperability with a variety of other software streamlines production and enhances efficiency. Users can create custom job tickets and job folders which travel through their workflow, which they can build and manage using StreamLive's accessible interface. For more information, visit SDG

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