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10 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2017 entire rear undercarriage. Lastly, four additional lights were posi- tioned behind the DV8 inner fender well liners, allowing a blue glow to shine through the mesh design and illuminating the 22-inch XD Series custom blue-tinted wheels. INTERIOR TOUCHES Interior lighting was the next challenge. Brightening up the interior to highlight the Katzkin Tuscany leather design along with the hydrographic dipped trim com- ponents was done with LED replacement lighting in the OEM bulb locations. This now illuminated the interior four times greater that the OEM lighting. The LED lights were built into the upgraded overhead sound bar provided by KIS Products, which carried the blue glow concept inside. In addition to providing color-changing LEDs, the sound quality was greatly improved. Controlling the numerous light output points throughout the Wrangler could have been a vast undertaking, but the result was just the opposite, thanks to Alpine Electronics. With the installation of the Alpine X 109 Wrangler 9-inch naviga- tion radio replacement, we integrated a control module that provided eight 12-volt switching operations. This platform allowed for all exterior lighting to operate with a touch of an icon on the touchscreen display. The screen allowed editing of each input to label the function of each switch. The module elimi- nated the need for bulky rocker switches throughout the interior. SWEET HOME MINNESOTA! Once production of the SEMA project (named Urban Recon) was completed, all that remained was the 2,000- mile trip to Las Vegas. Radiance series cubes were installed on the wind- shield hinge location. A 40-inch LED light bar and a set of LED cubes were included as well. The roof rack allowed for two sets of side- mounted cube lights and a 40-inch LED light bar facing the rear.

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