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FEBRUARY 2017 THE SHOP 19 PERFORMANCE an ally to the racers they serve. "Educate yourself on the latest products and offer value-added service," recom- mends Aeromotive's Matusek. "Today's climate with speed parts has gone the way of discounts and deals. If you expect pre- mium performance with genuine parts, don't sell based on price—sell based on quality." A knowledgeable shop offers benefits— particularly to racers looking to maximize their purchases—that discount outlets can't match. "Education arms the counter guy and engine builder with the ammunition to explain to the customer why or why not they should purchase a higher-quality part based on true value," he says. Thermo-Tec's Helms has another tip for increasing sales—putting shopping back in the shop. "You can better-serve drag racing cus- tomers by better-displaying your products," he advises. "Allow customers to actually see what will best-serve their needs, along with items they may have never known they wanted." Then, while those racers are shopping, engage them and learn about their desires. "Listen to what the customer actually wants to accomplish and find out the end result they want to reach," suggests South- Side Machine's Pasco. "Once you know, recommend products that will do the best job to get the best results—not just the best products that make you the best profit. When you can help them reach their goal or help solve a problem they have, you will earn a repeat customer for life." WHAT'S TO COME Add it all up, and it appears the good times will keep on rolling. Drag racing continues to generate excitement like no other sport. (Photo courtesy SEMA)

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