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20 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2017 PERFORMANCE "Drag racing has been an American tra- dition since the 1930s. The passion and fan base has done nothing but grow and evolve with the sport," Helms says. "I believe drag racing is something that will never go away." Pasco agrees that competition drives us as "red-blooded Americans." "We love to compete with everyone and everything," he says. "This starts with us at a very young age—in grade school foot- racing on the playgrounds, then bicycle- racing in the neighborhoods, to high school sports like track and field, football, basket- ball, baseball, wrestling and more. Then we get old enough to drive and now it's race time. So, as long it's kept safe with the safety rules enforced, drag racing will be around for a long, long time, because everyone wants to go fast!" A strong economy early in 2017 should mean good things for the drag racing market. (Photos courtesy NMCA) Drag Racing Products Suppliers highlight their anticipated top parts for 2017: "Our new Pro Series Brushless Fuel Pump was developed to fuel combina- tions including oxygenated blends like ethanol and methanol in addition to traditional race fuels requiring high volume and pressure for today's forced air induction power plants. The Pro Series Brushless pump is also durable enough to be used on your daily driver. Also, we continue to enhance our mechanical gear pump line to offer solutions for Pro Mod-type combina- tions making from 2,000 to 4,000 hp on methanol with a series of pumps ranging from 16 gallons per minute to a whopping 34 gpm." Steve Matusek Aeromotive Inc. "Our top product is our Performance Rear Control Arms. Made with heavy- duty, boxed steel tubing that will not bend or flex, they also feature stiff Delrin bushings We make traction bars and control arms, so it's all about get- ting traction to 'hook-n-book!'" Bill Pasco SouthSide Machine "With more speed comes more heat. So, our hottest product for 2017 is predicted to be our Exhaust Wraps. While increasing scavenging inside the exhaust, it allows the exhaust gases to escape quicker, helping the engine run more efficiently." Nick Helms Thermo-Tec Narrow Straight &

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