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FEBRUARY 2017 THE SHOP 21 PERFORMANCE Matusek shares that enthusiastic out- look—and the desire to take it to the track. "I don't agree with illegal street racing, but with the advent of reality TV shows, it has at least brought awareness to a younger generation of enthusiasts, which hopefully will continue to fuel this market," he says. "Even the celebrities of these shows have a dream of racing the large venues of sanc- tioned drag racing events in the profes- sional levels. If we can make the connec- tion, which is what Wally Parks did over a half a century ago, between dangerous street racing and organized, safe racing, I think the drag racing market can relive the growth and popularity it had some 50 years ago." A knowledgeable shop offers benefits—particularly to racers looking to maximize their purchases—that discount outlets can't match. (Photo courtesy NMCA.)

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