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FEBRUARY 2017 THE SHOP 25 And Formula D's Liaw notes: "Could we someday see electric drift cars? Sure. We want to race what's attainable." Moving from the track to the stands, changes in the ways fans experience racing must keep pace as well. "Racetracks and venues need to be upgraded," believes Ralph Sheheen, FOX Sports broadcaster. "All the technology offerings need to be there, so fans can tune in through their devices. It's going to hinder us if we don't do that as well." Campbell agrees, stating that "connec- tivity with fans needs to be ongoing. We must move much faster. Young kids won't wait. We can do it, but only with the help of our media partners. The eventual expe- rience may be untraditional from how we watch today." Regardless of the work that needs to be done, however, there's optimism that motorsports will continue to meet the needs of race fans while serving as the industry's proving ground. "There are some really smart people in this industry, and we're all in it together," says Atherton. "It's about relevance, and wherever the path takes us." "We all want to continue doing this for years to come," echoes TRD's Wilson. "The future is bright, and the present is amazing." Campbell concludes that fans' "pas- sionate interest in drama at the track" isn't going away. "But we must find a formula to make it economically viable for the teams, the series and the manufacturers. For it to work, we have to sell a car, truck or acces- sory." With its Weather- Tech SportsCar Championship, IMSA is poised to serve as a link to the latest vehicle innovations for traditional mo- torsports fans, according to Scott Atherton, president and COO. Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula Drift, says his series is many young fans' first exposure to motorsports. PERFORMANCE

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