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34 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2017 PERFORMANCE It's not unusual for him to take four cars to a major event, sell them and come home with six new ones. And his friends across the country are always tipping him off to deals, so he has a steady stream of changing inventory. That turns into the common sight of seeing a hauler with six patina vehicles unloading at the shop along the freeway. Gearheads rolling by always check out what's on the front lawn at Street Machinery. That Facebook page, followed by more than 5,000, is fed by another of Mary- anovsky's unique marketing ideas as well, the Street Machinery Sales and Service Sunday Swap-A-Rama, also on Facebook. There, anyone can post what they are selling, providing they include the price and location. It ranges from finished cars and trucks to all kinds of parts and project cars. While the name has Sunday in it, the page has evolved to offering ads every day of the week. Maryanovsky has been known to buy stock from the Swap-A-Rama, adding to his inventory in the backyard he calls the Patina Plantation. That inventory has grown so much it sparked a mild employee revolution last fall that was named the Down with the Sickness—Inventory Inter- vention (see sidebar). Instagram is another fave of Mary- anovsky's, who makes sure plenty of juicy pictures get the word out about what he offers. When we asked what Maryanovsky wanted people to know about Street Machinery, his answer was, "We are not a new company. We've been doing this for a long time. Yet, we continue evolving and growing." Its experience also includes helping folks obtain their dream rides. As far as numbers go, he says, "car sales are about the same; parts sales grow every year." Still, wringing out more use from the Street Machinery computer, its website offers looks at new car and truck arrivals, parts for sale, free shipping on most orders and links to its eBay store. It has a steady stream of parts for sale as it takes one style of ride and changes it into another. There are also entertaining videos on the types of rides that motor out of the shop, and a search engine to really drill down to which parts viewers are looking for. Some of those brands include RideTech, Air Lift, Vintage Air, Wilwood, Dakota What is known as the "Patina Plantation." When your business revolves around cars with attitudes, you just can't have an ordinary food truck at your affair. THE MACHINE Welcome to

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