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FEBRUARY 2017 THE SHOP 35 PERFORMANCE Digital, Billet Specialties and more. Maryanovsky sees good things ahead for the industry, including "more fresh talent, younger talent and enthusiasm." No doubt his blend of old and new rides attracts some of that younger enthusiasm. So, the elements of market, today's styles and good customers are all covered at Street Machinery. And, along the way, its habit of creating new genres of cars and trucks has created new customers as well as interested fans. Summer 2016 at Street Machinery found the shop's networking of Facebook, Ins- tagram and just plain word of mouth snowball. Before he knew it, Boris Maryanovsky had stacked his backyard Patina Plantation with cars and trucks to beyond full. The same was true for areas of accumulated parts piled up around the shop. While it's not official, the running gag was that the troops had to perform an intervention on the boss to get rid of a lot of the inventory. So, seemingly against Maryanovsky's wishes, the shop's first Down with the Sick- ness—Inventory Intervention was planned. It didn't take long to add an Open House and when that fall Saturday rolled around, the sale outperformed all expectations. "Success. Huge success," he says. "It let a lot of people visit our facility that would otherwise not make the time or just didn't have a reason to stop in." One visitor make the trek all the way from Minnesota. Six vehicles were sold on the spot, with more interest still being cultivated. A lot of visitors brought their own cars, and combined with nice weather, made for an impromptu car show. Special T-shirts were printed and flew off the shelves— probably due to the unique concept and attitude. With the boys in the shop boasting vic- tory, Maryanovsky admitted he would "for sure" do it again, and the event will now be a yearly happening. But it also means there's more room in the Patina Plantation, so more cars and parts will be bought. One look at the aerial shot of the event shows how the two buildings to the left are where Street Machinery operates. Sweet- talking his neighbors into letting the Inter- vention spread out beyond its lots, there were plenty of cars to look over for just plain fun or serious shopping. A steady stream of cars and people kept the grounds full all day. It was a great example of using social media, a unique format and event planning to accomplish several goals. First off, inventory was sold. Second, new friends were made and those turn into future customers. Third, it upheld the image of Street Machinery as being a cutting-edge attitude business. The Intervention ended up being a great invention. "DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS—INVENTORY INTERVENTION" Street Machinery's forte is not limited to working over patina cars and trucks. It does restora- tions as well as ground-up builds. A shop and backyard literally overflowing with cars and parts led to a good-natured employee revolt and the "Down with the Sickness—In- ventory Intervention" sale at Street Machinery outside of Cleveland last fall. A rousing suc- cess, it will be back next year. (Photo by John Siebert)

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