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38 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2017 PERFORMANCE bolt-on, but the positive and negative posts must match with the wiring leads. These are electronic pumps, and cross-wiring will short them out if hooked up incorrectly. Applying a simple electronic liquid pro- tectant on the wiring connections protect them from inclement weather. With the pump mounted on the frame, run the wiring harness along the frame to the front of the truck, up into the engine bay, and up against the drive side of the firewall. There is an inlet pass-through into the cab of the truck just right of the brake master cylinder. Next the fuel hoses coming and going from the pump are connected. This can be easy, since the new lift pump does not require a return line. Plus, the quality hose shouldn't crack or harden after a year in harsh weather conditions. Run the inlet line back to the tank from the pump and hook it back on where the original came off. The front can either run to the OE filter system or directly to the injection pump. I ran mine to the filter, since I have a custom, cleanable, high-volume fuel filter installed in place of the OE system. Believe me, with the poor diesel fuel coming out of the pumps today, you cannot have enough filtration! The new unit came with its own filter/ water separation on the pump, and I found out it is universal for easy replacement from any auto parts store. FINAL ADJUSTMENTS We plugged the wiring harness into the truck's lighter outlet fuse, so it only works while the engine turns on and off. I have put so many electronic upgrades on this Mounted, hose connected and wiring harness in place. Running the wiring harness through the firewall inlet into the cab. Hooking the new hose to the tank outlet. The 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 is almost complete as a real sleeper street truck.

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