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FEBRUARY 2017 THE SHOP 45 friendly responses to consumers enhances brand reputation and encourages trust, creating opportunities for future business. Organic reach on business Facebook pages has diminished significantly since the end of 2014, so to get Facebook con- tent to the right people, businesses should consider investing here. The investment should be strategic and based upon a desired outcome. What do you want people to know, and what do you want them to do? A campaign to generate more page likes will be different than a sponsored promotion (visit the web- site or promote the local business), or spon- sored content (a boosted post), especially if there's a specific call to action like sign up or call now. Facebook offers excellent targeting for paid campaigns, and with a modest investment of time and money, business owners can have a good deal of confidence that their brand message, special offer or event details are reaching the consumers most likely to buy. Here is a properly filled out LinkedIn profile. I started with a summary of the things I do. Then there's my work experience. What isn't visible in this picture is that there are spaces for skills, education, recommendations from people who have worked with me, awards, even spaces for hobbies and interests. It answers most any question someone might have about me. I don't list every little thing about me—just the things that are relevant to what I do cur- rently. And you don't have to have a picture of yourself—you can use a photo of what you do instead.

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