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46 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2017 Robust analytics provide valuable insight into audience use and engagement habits, allowing business owners to tailor cam- paigns as they go. Twitter Twitter is the world of now. If you're com- mitted to being an active user, Twitter can be the place to be for both B2B and B2C initiatives—especially when you want to engage strategically and fast. With a loyal and savvy audience, Twitter can offer a great way to connect with individuals, noncompetitive brands and relevant media outlets using both engage- ment strategy and paid campaigns. Out- line desired outcomes in advance and use stories, spokespersons and calls to action, and tailor the content accordingly. Increase relevant followers, increase website traffic, or get people involved in something the company is passionate about. Here, you'll need a good content and hashtag strategy. • 66 percent have discovered a new small or medium business (SMB) here. • 94 percent plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow. • 69 percent purchase from an SMB because they saw it on Twitter. Twitter recently introduced a new char- acter limit. It's still 140, but with these changes, everyone can say more with less by including images or other media without subtracting from the 140 characters. Same for the @reply function. On the back end, direct messages are no longer included in the character limits. Also new is the ability for brands to list Customer Sup- port details within the profile, and brands are now accessible for this feature, even if not followed by the customer. Instagram To tell your brand story through imagery, go to Instagram. This is a passionate audi- ence, and they want to see your brand through your eyes. If consumers follow you here, it's because they want to see what you have to say, and to share your moments. So, choose this social channel if you've got beautiful photo opportunities, great stories to tell about them, and someone on your team who has some passion for making your brand shine here. Instagram also announced new Instagram for Business tools will be coming soon, as well as tips for creating a business profile. It also introduced dynamic ads—new ways for users to drive sales from Face- book to Instagram—and introduced video alongside Instagram stories (a new feature to share multiple photos and videos in a slideshow format). Recent news has also included the intro- duction of Zoom—a "pinch to zoom" feature that now gives Snapchat a run for its money. LinkedIn LinkedIn is still the place to be for B2B, and can really deliver for small businesses. LinkedIn helps SMBs build a solid brand profile, and build reputation and relation- ships needed for business growth. In this case, the personal brand of Here's a made-up example of how NOT to fill out a LinkedIn profile. No photo, no details. If I'm researching someone as a prospective co-worker in my shop or on a volunteer project, this might be a red flag. If someone cannot take the time to fill out their profile, will they take the time to put their all into a project? It's better to have no LinkedIn profile than to have one like this. An example of a very happening Instagram page. Good description of what Mobsteel does, plus its website. Very colorful, a mix of projects and more casual content, like the photos of the dogs. Plus, there's a good mixture of photos and videos. And there's lots of content for anyone who wants to browse through the pictures.

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