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FEBRUARY 2017 THE SHOP 47 company leadership is a vital part of the equation, so be sure that key leadership is represented here with excellence, and that includes quality photos and head- shots. Here, think branding, marketing, networking and hiring that lead to sales. A SHOP OWNER'S TAKE ON LINKEDIN I used to think LinkedIn was a waste of time. About seven years ago, I finally took some time and thoughtfully filled out my LinkedIn profile. I would try and update it twice a year. But other than that, I really didn't use my LinkedIn page. It turns out, even though I wasn't using my page, I was still using LinkedIn! People—prospective customers and asso- ciates—were researching me by looking at my LinkedIn page. Over the past seven years, I've worked with various aftermarket committees and on projects, and I would have to research people. I would bring up a search page, type in the name, and their LinkedIn page would be on the first page of search results. This way I could see the work history and education background of someone, and much more. A properly filled-out LinkedIn is like a resume. A person can let people know who they are, what they do and how they feel about their professional life. When vetting someone—a client, cus- tomer, prospective business partner or employee—it's much easier and faster to look at their LinkedIn page than scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter pages. When searching for someone to take part in one of the high-profile volunteer projects I work on, I need to know that person is conscientious and hard-working. If someone takes the time to fill out their LinkedIn profile, then they might be the kind of person who will be a hard-working and thoughtful team member on a project. I'll check a person's LinkedIn and Face- book pages. But most Facebook users post personal content and it can be very hard to get a clear picture of their professional background. Many other people also use LinkedIn to research people. LinkedIn is the profes- sional profile you present to the world. So, think of LinkedIn as your online resume. Take a close look at it, and as you fill it out, ask yourself,' Would I give this person a job? Would I want them as a client?' JOANN'S TWO-MONTH EXPERIMENT Over the past two months I have been much more proactive on Instagram and my Crazy Horse Paint Facebook business page. Has it paid off? My following on Instagram has been slowly growing, up 300 new followers over the last three months. And my posts are reaching more people. Four months ago, Here's MagnaFlow's powerful Twitter page. Bright, impactful cover photo. The latest news about what's happening, retweets from famous auto- motive folks with huge Twitter followings like Mario Andretti. Plus, they tweet very often. Many pictures and videos.

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