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70 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2017 I t's no secret that there's a lack of tal- ented and qualified upholsterers in the automotive industry. Among the many reasons why are a shortage of training pro- grams and the length of time it takes to master the craft. That's why The Hog Ring has always been intrigued by the stories of how the best upholsterers in our industry got their start. One of the most fascinating stories is that of Jean-Noël Greffeuille, owner of JNG Creations in Pittsboro, North Caro- lina. OLD COUNTRY CRAFTSMANSHIP Greffeuille was born and raised in France, where he completed his education in fur- niture design. Upon graduation, he opened a furniture repair shop. However, it wasn't long before his customers—impressed with his work—started to bring him cars to be upholstered. Noticing a growing demand for automotive upholstery and wanting to broaden his skill set, he began to slowly take on more vehicles in addition to furniture. In doing so, he found that his training and experience in furniture laid a strong foundation for excelling in the craft of automotive upholstery. His passion for cars and automotive soft trim grew deep, and in just three years Greffeuille left furniture behind to focus entirely on automotive upholstery. His strong work ethic and reputation as a perfectionist began to spread among classic car owners, and his business flourished as the vehicles he upholstered won awards all over France. CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' In 1999, after operating his shop for 14 years, Greffeuille had the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream to immigrate to the United States. Leaving his life in France behind was nerve-wracking, but he was eager and excited about the new opportuni- ties that lay before him in America. Upon arrival, he landed a job with Alan Taylor Company in Escondido, California, TERRACOTTA FIRMA JNG Creations' world-class, down-to-earth interiors. By Naseem Muaddi, Jean-Noël Greffeuille, owner of JNG Creations in Pittsboro, North Carolina, went from performing furniture repair in France to creating custom ve- hicle interiors in America. When the owner of this one-off 1969 Chev- rolet Camaro needed a custom cabin to match the craftsmanship of its exterior and mechan- ics, he knew exactly who to turn to. 70 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2017 HOT ROD & CUSTOMIZATION

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