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FEBRUARY 2017 THE SHOP 75 Q uality hand and power tools are an important part of any technician's suc- cess. Failures, as they say, are not an option. The best tools work better, last longer and offer a source of pride and production. They can save time, which saves money, which makes everyone happy. Manufacturers of hand and pneumatic power tools provide a few updates on their latest products, thoughts on the industry and tips for protecting and preserving your tools for years to come. The ideas may help stock your toolbox with the latest and greatest to get the job done. KNIPEX Tools LP Arlington Heights, Illinois Todd Shumate President Our hottest product for the Hand Tools market is … … the KNIPEX Pliers Wrench. Available in sizes ranging from 5- to 16-inches, it offers multiple functions in one tool. Its best features include … … it eliminates the need for a full set of wrenches by providing the function of pliers and wrenches in an all-in-one tool, including needing different sets for SAE and metric since it covers both. Its push-button locking mechanism allows for a wide range of adjustment positions and parallel jaws hold the sur- face of a nut or bolt without slipping off or rounding off the fastener. The pliers wrench's non-damaging, smooth jaws make it ideal for more than just nuts and bolts. Since it won't scratch or damage the work- piece, the pliers wrench has been used for flattening metal and other body work. Quality Hand Tools are an important investment for professional installers & mechanics because … … they save you time and money. Quality hand tools are made to always perform as expected. Technicians have high expec- tations from their tools and high-quality tools help them do the job quickly and efficiently, which allows them to move on to the next job and make more money as well. I know I would prefer to work with a tool that is safe, doesn't cause fatigue and does exactly what it's supposed to do. Modern technology has affected the profes- sional Hand Tools market by … … making it possible for more innovative, multipurpose tools to come to the market. In the past, multipurpose tools could not perform as well as each individual tool, making them a hassle. The advances in forging and manufac- turing technology make is possible for today's multipurpose tools, like the KNIPEX Pliers Wrench, to perform as well as each of the individual tools that they replace. A tip for professional installers & mechanics to protect & preserve their Hand Tools is … … to not loan them out! To keep hand tools in tip-top shape, keep them away from moisture and regularly wipe them down with a lubricant. Also, be sure to use the right tool for the job—using a tool for functions it wasn't designed to perform can damage it. And when you're buying hand tools, select tools that come with a lifetime war- ranty. That not only shows that a tool is designed to last, but that the manufacturer will stand behind it. CTECH Manufacturing Weston, Wisconsin Darrell Martin Marketing Director Our hottest product for the Hand Tools market is … … CTECH's exclusive MotionLatch drawer and door handle, featured on all our aluminum manufactured tool carts and shop cabinets. On the Job Compiled by Jef White When there's work to do, quality tools stand at the ready. Modern technology allows technicians to get more done with one tool than ever before. (Photo cour- tesy Ingersoll Rand) Organized shops get more work done faster. Quality hand tools are made to dependably perform as expected. (Photo courtesy KNIPEX Tools) SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT

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